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Mobile App development
  • - Android Development
  • - Flutter Development
  • - iOS Development
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Web Development
  • - ReactJS Development
  • - AngularJS Development
  • - WordPress Development

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  • Enterprises are growing fast as customers become more demanding. As businesses scale and diversify,
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Hire Developers
  • - Hire PHP Developers
  • - Hire AngularJS Developers
  • - Hire Python Developers

Services Offering

In addition to mobile app development, we offer web and e-commerce solutions that help startups, small-medium businesses, and other organizations create results-oriented solutions. Our solutions facilitate increased agility, allowing our customers to quickly reshape, upgrade, and implement enhanced performance. With our differentiated and customized services, we provide brands with the right tools, software, and processes for quality management

Process of Hiring Dedicated Developers from
Evontex IT Solutions

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Requirement Gathering

Initially, our consultant will discuss project details with you. Our team will be able to better understand your requirements, including the size of your team, the technology stack, and any other resources you may need.. Based on this, we can provide you with a budget and timeline estimation for the project.

Candidate Shorting

Secondly, based on the shared details, we will short some suitable developers from our team for the project. In this sorting, we ensure to provide the best Developers to deliver excellent results.

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Resume Sharing

As a third step, we will share all the resumes of the sorted candidates with you. At that point, you can choose a developer. In case you are not satisfied with these candidates, we perform the sorting process again to provide you with the best Developers.

Connect with PM

In addition to the team selection, you can speak directly with the PM once the project has been selected. During the project lifecycle, the PM is responsible for keeping you informed.

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Terms & Conditions of Contract

Fifth, after finalizing everything from your end, we can move ahead on mutual contract. It will include points like size, timeframe, deliverables, milestones, etc. The contract will also include NDA if you don’t want to reveal the app idea in public.

The Team is Yours

The app development process can now begin. In this area, you can connect directly to the dedicated developer's team and discuss any project-related matter.

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We strive to be recognized globally by providing software products and expert technologists,Each and every client is closely partnered with us, to comprehend their vision, to brisk together in order to retrofit their ideas in the form of the Software Products


Drive business value and innovation with our excellence in designing, developing technology services and digital ecosystem

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